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Computational neuroscientist with 6 years of experience developing analytical tools and interpretive models seeking to leverage my experience to inform business decisions and build data products.


  • Dorsal Column: Invisible Injuries - Diagnosing concussions in young male athletes
  • Dorsal Column: Confronting trauma - How MDMA may be helping patients with severe PTSD
  • Dorsal Column: "Hand-in-hand" - How the brain handles a missing body part
  • Gradcast: Making neurons to study Autism
  • Incomplete Thoughts Podcast: Biological Logic Gates - Networks and DNA Origami Nanorobots
  • Thales Student Innovation Case Competition 2019
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  • "Happiness only real when shared" - The Brief Story of Christopher McCandless
  • How much of art is just a reflection of the artist's pathological development?
  • "One man's trash is another man's treasure" - Nanoparticle drug delivery systems
  • How would you discern a foreign message from a radio without knowledge on how radios work? - Understanding the brain
  • "Metaphors to Live By" - Embodied Cognition
  • Self-organization of tissue
  • Flexibility to dogmatic rules in biology
  • Wrench in the reductionistic view of single neuron function
  • Strange loop of evolution